Thursday, March 12, 2009

Gordon Brown saved my cat

The Daily Retread

Crippled pensioner widow Mrs Dinah McThunder was full of praise for teh Prime Minister today as she revealed that not only did he save the world and the banks hbut he took time out of his busy schedule to save her cat as well.

Speaking from teh living room of her home where she has lived since her huisband died a heroes death in a horrific ice-skating accident, Mrs McThunder said:

"Gordon Brown is a true hero. Tiddles was up his favourite tree and purring away - obviously distressed and stuck there. He would have starved to death, I was at my wits end and I was crying into my hanky, there was nothing I could do to get yhim down. I even offered him his favourite trreats but he just looked at me and purred again.

"I was getting so desperate I was going to dial 999 but I didn't know the number then Gordon Brown came on teh radio talking about how he's Obama's best hero. Within seconds Tiddles fell asleep and then went Tiddly-plop right off the tree. Gordon Brown is my hero."

Neighbour Brian Wilson said "She's a mad old bhat, her, talks to pigeons. That's not even her cat."

A Downing Street official said "The Prime Minister is, of course, delighted to have been of help in this instance and wishes it to be known that he cares about every single one of the cats in this country and wishes Tiddles all the best in his future career training as a welder."

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